Gunbot Tuner Scripts are simulations of various Gunbot strategies. For owners of Gunbot these simulations are used as tools for learning how Gunbot strategies work and backtesting various strategy ideas in a simulated environment before committing real capital to actual live trading.

Gunbot Tuner Scripts are loaded and run as indicators on TradingView's website after a free or paid account has been created there.

Gunbot Free Tuners are a set of six different indicators each containing an example of a single Gunbot strategy, they can be freely obtained upon request by submitting an existing TradingView account name to allanster_bot on Telegram.

Gunbot Deluxe Tuners BE are highly enhanced versions that contain multiple strategies, conditions, trailing, etc. These indicators are the Backtesting addon that is included with some versions of Gunbot. They may also be purchased from authorized Gunthy resellers or by contacting me directly on Telegram.

Gunbot Tuners Companion is a free indicator available in the public library on TradingView that can be loaded and used alongside any of the tuners to visualize the various conditions (MACD, RSI, STOCH, etc) that are unable to be drawn on the main chart.

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure these simulations of Gunbot contain the same logic as Gunbot, they will not always buy or sell at the exact same time or prices as Gunbot (neither will 2 Gunbots). Backtesting the past does NOT guarantee profit in the present or future. By using any of these scripts you acknowledge that you have read and understood that they are for research purposes only and I am not responsible for any financial losses that you may incur!

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